Afternoon High Tea

A choice of our premium teas, finely cut sandwiches, freshly baked scones with jam and a range of delicate homemade cakes are combined to make for an unforgettable afternoon. A glass of Champagne can be added to complement this British tradition of tea!

Reservations are available every Tuesday and Sunday afternoon.

Your Choice of Hot Tea

  • 100 Year Black Tea

    Plucked from hundred-year-old tea trees on China's unspoiled western frontier, 100 Year is unequivocally smooth with flavors of warm honey and malt. It's an everyday breakfast tea with plenty of caffeine and a bold, complex flavor that can only come from trees that have been around since before your great grandpappy was born.

  • Berry Rooibos Herbal Tea

    It's hand blended to give your daily adventures a sweet and juicy boost. The blend starts with a base of organic South African Rooibos Superior, then we add select herbs and berries. And, you know, Berry Rooibos is good for you with its antioxidant-rich roobios and super-fruits.

  • Da Ye Xi Green Tea

    Da Ye Xi is a daily green tea. Sourced and crafted for easy drinking. Some might call it a session green tea. Da Ye Xi is single origin, from China's Guangxi province. It's made from the da ye varietal of tea plant--typically reserved for darker teas--giving Da Ye Xi a unique, smooth and savory-sweet flavor for your everyday cup of green tea.

  • Grey Line Black Tea

    Grey Line is Hugo Tea's hand-blended earl grey crafted with bergamot oil from Italy's famed Reggio Calabria. The tea base is our 100 Year, a malty scotch-like Yunnan black tea providing balance for the citrusy bergamot. Grey Line is fit for tycoons, dashing ladies and gentlemen, and anyone who fits well enough into a top hat. Keep it close and brew it often.

  • True Jasmine Green Tea

    True Jasmine Green Tea is crafted with spring plucked, maofeng-style green tea and summer jasmine blooms from Hengxian, China, a region famous for its jasmine farms. We select lots each season that emphasize the balanced, milky sweetness of fresh jasmine--and since we're friends with the farmers and on site during harvest, they're happy to set the good stuff aside for us.

  • White Cloud White Tea

    A delicacy akin to fine wine or whisky, White Cloud is a bai mudan style of white tea. Our version is crafted from a botanical cultivar typically reserved for oolong and black teas, giving White Cloud a stronger flavor than expected. Try it after dinner, or before. Whenever, really. Then let your mind wander.

Exceptional Organic Tea

Your Choice of Handmade Sandwiches

  • Smoked Salmon with Pickled Onion, Cream Cheese & Toasted Foccacia
  • English Cucumber & Chive
  • Radish with Butter and Mediterranean Sea Salt
  • Farm Fresh Egg with Dill Mayonnaise
  • Baby Spinach and Bacon Quiche
Made Fresh in House

A Selection Of Freshly Baked Sweet & Savory Scones

  • English Braeburn Apple and Cinnamon Scones
  • Montgomery Cheddar & Hampshire Watercress Scones
  • Served with Seasonal Fruit Preserves
Freshly Baked

A Selection Of Handmade Pastries

  • Assorted Macarons
  • Miniature Tartlets with Creme
  • Pastries and Fresh Fruit
Handmade by our Chef

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